Current as of June 26, 2010

Art Cabot
Master Certified Network Engineer (MCNE)
P.O. Box 6261
North Augusta SC 29861-6261


July, 2005 to present
Director, Information Technology
Sizemore, Inc.
Augusta, GA
Manage day-to-day IT operations for a regional staffing company with offices in 8 states; product video commercials and CBT training; plan for strategic initiatives as proposed by upper management.
November, 2002 to present
Strickland Technical Services, Inc.
North Augusta, SC
  • Assignment: Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Beech Island (SC) Mill; Develop environmental databases, training videos and computer-based training modules to meet corporate training and government regulatory requirements.
July, 2001 to October, 2002
Sizemore, Inc.
Augusta, GA
  • Assignment: Develop IT Policies & Procedures for regional security, staffing, janitorial company; install and document regional frame relay network; manage day-to-day computer operations.
January, 2001 to April, 2001

TekSystems, Inc.
Charlotte, NC

  • Assignment: Cooper Tools World Headquarters, Lexington, SC; manage international Novell 5.0/5.1 network for a major manufacturing company, including Microsoft Exchange e-mail services, network interfaces with SAP, printing from RF-enabled handheld scanners on factory floor, ArcServeIT 6.6 backups, Inoculan Virus Protection, ICVerify and American Express Payment Link credit card processing.

July, 1998 to December, 2000

Technology Resources, Inc.
Burke VA

  • Assignment: Southern Nuclear Company, provide services during system-wide conversion to a standard, Windows NT-based, platform. Assist in determining Y2K compliance at the 600-node Plant Vogtle Nuclear Site near Augusta, Georgia. Programming in Visual Basic and MS Access 7.0 on administrative and technical applications relating to Nuclear Safety, Regulatory Requirements, Performance Monitoring, Corporate Information Systems, Instrument Calibration Scaling and Inventory Control/Monitoring.

November, 1996 to July, 1998
Network Systems Analyst / Programmer

Emerald Center
Greenwood SC

  • Provide statewide network (Novell 2.15 to 4.11) and PC support to S.C. Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (SCDDSN) service providers;
  • Modify and enhance custom accounting programs in Clipper and Delphi 3;
  • Design and maintain web sites for S. C. Human Service Providers, and Aiken Tri-Development Center,;
  • Maintain statewide dial-in network for service providers;
  • Provide variety of information services consulting options to SCDDSN agencies.

October, 1994 to November, 1996
Corp Network Administrator/
Security Administrator

Laidlaw Environmental Services
Columbia SC

  • Administer 72-server Wide Area Novell 3.x / 4.x network across the United States and Canada;
  • Lead migration of existing 3.x segments to NetWare 4.1;
  • Design and configure communications links at Columbia hub utilizing AT&T Paradyne multiplexers, Cisco and Newport Systems routers and NetWare for SAA AS400 gateway;
  • Lead process development of security and disaster recovery plans;
  • Plan purchases and prepare expenditure authorizations for expansion of corporate data processing facilities;
  • Create user interfaces and utility routines in Clipper 5.2, Visual Objects, DOS, Windows and macro languages.

July, 1994 to July, 1998
Contract Programmer

S.C. Department of Commerce
Columbia, SC

  • Create, develop and enhance DOS and Windows versions of their S.C. Industrial Directory.

March, 1994 to May, 1994
Contract Programmer

Carlisle Tire & Rubber Company
Aiken, SC

  • Upgrade manufacturing company's Inventory Management System from Summer '87 Clipper to CA-Clipper 5.2, add communications enhancements and bar code scanning/ printing; develop continuing program enhancements as required.

June, 1993 to February, 1994
Data Security Manager

Georgia Lottery Corporation
Atlanta, GA

  • Supervise development of initial policies and procedures to assure security of all electronic data processing, telecommunications, hardware and software-related programs and equipment; oversee security of multi-platform gaming systems;
  • Design, oversee, implement and evaluate security measures throughout Lottery information resource systems, including VAX 4000/6000 series mid-range and statewide Novell 3.12 enterprise network;
  • Create disaster recovery/business continuity plan for all corporate divisions as head of the GLC Disaster Recovery Committee;
  • Write and edit first comprehensive GLC Security Operations Manual;
  • Devise, develop, test and implement systems to prevent computer fraud or unauthorized access to the Lottery system.

December, 1988 to June, 1993
Network Admin and Development

Westinghouse Savannah River Company
Aiken, SC

  • Responsible for administration, system security, backups and user support of WSRC's proprietary WISDOM network (35 Novell NetWareŽ 3.11 servers, over 1,800 users) throughout 300 square miles of the Department of Energy's Savannah River Site and multiple, T1-linked, off-site locations and interfacing with VAX, IBM 3090 and Cray systems;
  • Create Multi-User System and Network Computer Security Plans, oversee PC and network security on a day-to-day basis;
  • Create interface and database applications (BASIC, Visual BASIC and Clipper) to enhance user interaction and meet specific business needs;
  • Rework training database system (dBase III+ to Clipper 5.1) to enhance functionality and increase speed for SRS Project Management Department.

June, 1983 to September, 1987
Vice-President, Programming and Promotion

Augusta, GA

  • Strategically plan for and negotiate purchase of programming;
  • Set-up film library database on IBM System 36, train employees;
  • Design and chair national and regional computer workshops for broadcast management trade groups.

PC Software Proficiency:

Windows, NetWare, Exchange 2000, SQL 2000 Analysis Manager, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, Microsoft Great Plains eEnterprise, Macromedia Authorware, Bond Adapt, PowerPoint, RoboHelp, Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect,  FileMaker Pro, dBase, R:Base, Freelance, FoxBase/FoxPro, Paradox, Eicon Gateway, ArcServe, LAN Workplace, PacerLink, Citrix WinView, Adobe Premiere, PC Support; NetWare Connect, Novell GroupWise.


Delphi, Visual Basic, ASP, MS Access, Visual Objects, HTML, Clipper, COBOL, BASIC, dBase, Macro Languages;

Operating Systems:   

Novell NetWare, Windows NT/2000 Server and Workstation, SQL 2000, Windows Terminal Server, DOS, Windows 95/98, Macintosh, OS/2


"NetWareŽ 4.0 Security on a Metropolitan Area Network"
1993 DOE Computer Security Group Conference

"Audit Trails and PC Control on Novell Networks"
1991 DOE Computer Security Group Conference
1991 Westinghouse Corporate Computer Symposium

"Microcomputers In Station Operations"
National Association of Broadcasters' TV Focus


University of

School of Communications Arts; B.A., Cinema, 1969; included graduate-level work in motion picture production, distribution and management information systems at Universal City Studios. Teaching Assistant for two years.
Microsoft Great Plains Education SQL Server Overview, 2001; Great Plains System Manager, 2002; Version 7 Introduction, 2002.


NetWare 5 Master CNE/CNA, 2000; NetWare 4.1 Master CNE, 1996; Certified NetWareŽ 3 Engineer #6200694, 1992.

Career Track

Seminar, 1993; "Implementing Self-Directed Work Teams".

North Central Georgia Law Enforcement Academy

Seminar, 1993; "Computer Crime".

Computer Security Institute

Conference, 1991; "Security Impact of Networks, Office Automation and Communications".

Department of Energy Computer Security Group

Annual Conferences: 1990, 1991, 1993.

Savannah River Site Computer Education Group

Training, 1988-1993; Data Communications, Windows, various mainframe applications, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh System 7.

Augusta Technical School

Coursework, 1987-1989; Advanced COBOL Programming and Systems Maintenance (4.0 average).

Broadcast Promotion and Marketing Executives, Inc.

Professional Training, 1982-1986; Management Skills Course.


Savannah River Site Total Quality Achievement Award:
March, 1991 and March, 1993

Business Services and Finance Division Total Quality Award:
February and October, 1991

Financial Management and Information Services Division TQ Award:
September, 1992 and March, 1993


Available: January 1, 2004

R A T E S (1099 Contractor Basis)

Custom Programming, Web Sites, Video Production and Computer-Based Training quoted according to the scope of the particular project.
Network Administration, Installations and Troubleshooting:  
      Within 25 miles of Augusta, Georgia (or via telecommuting) $60 / hour
      Over 25 miles from Augusta, Georgia $75 / hour
plus expenses
      Emergency On-Call Services (2-hour minimum) $85 / hour
plus mileage

( W2 rates, if desired, are negotiable )

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